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Assurance of Bhagavan Krishna

Verses from Bhagavadgita

2.40: In this path (karma yoga path), loss and adverse effects are unknown. Even a meager pursuit of this dharma saves (the practitioner) from the great fear (of birth and death).

6.40:  Sri Bhagavan said:

O Son of Partha, neither here, nor hereafter (the other world), destruction exists for him. Never misfortune comes, My dear, to the one who does good works (kalyānakrt, auspicious activities).


9.31:  Soon he becomes a righteous soul (Dharmātma) and attains to lasting peace. O son of Kunti, let it be known that My devotee never perishes.


4.36: Even if you are the greatest or the worst sinner of all sinners, you will certainly cross over sins or wickedness by the boat of knowledge or wisdom.


18.65:  Think of Me, become My devotee, worship Me, and offer your obeisance to Me. Certainly you will come to Me. I truly promise you that you are dear to Me.


12.7:  I soon become their deliverer from the death-dealing ocean of Samsāra (birth and rebirth) O son of Partha (Arjuna), because they have their thoughts fixed on Me.


18.66:  Abandoning all duties, surrender unto Me only. I shall deliver you from all sins.

Do not lament.