Five Evil Entities

Advice By Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Author of article: K. Sinduri

Posted Date : 17:01 (30/03/2017)  Sakti Vikatan

K. Sindūri

Last updated : 17:01 (30/03/2017

Paramahamsa’s Life Secrets: Be Always on Alert with these People…!

In this age of civilization and conveniences, man’s capacity to perform all kinds of specialized activities is well known. His deficiency is how to conduct oneself with others. For a smooth interpersonal relationship with others, he should turn his ears to Mahān’s (Great Souls).  Ramakrishna Paramahaṁsa (RKP) says, the truthful, the drunk, the children… do sometimes utter divine words.  These are the spiritual instructions RKP says often to his disciples.

Exercise caution while relating with these…

RKP lays emphasis on showing love and respect to all. He further states we should keep a distance from some others.

The first is the wealthy man with inordinate wealth and influence, capable at will of inflicting pain and suffering on you.  Exercise deference in your relationship with them.  You may face a situation wherein your yes-yes-ok acquiescence becomes mandatory.


The second one demanding acquiescence and acceptance is the drunk. If you cause any trouble, you may hear atrocious and vile things from him. Your How-do-you-do greetings will be music for his ears and easily bring him to amiability.

The third one is the young bull. When it runs charging at you, you must make some reassuring and calming noises to ward off its testosterone-induced mad rush.

The fourth is the dog. When it barks, or comes to bite you, stand your ground, whistle and make the dog calm.

The fifth is the people with the poisonous nature of a cobra. You will never know when they will bite you. Once bitten, you must undergo much travails to detoxify the poison. You may entertain thoughts of seeking revenge with them. You are better off staying away from him.

How to treat women folks?

Once a disciple asked RKP on how to conduct oneself towards women and about the etiquettes expected of him. RKP gladly eulogized the greatness of women and the etiquettes expected of a man.

All women are of the nature and form of Devi. All should be regarded as mother. It is imperative to honor them with no trace of disrespect, whether they are virtuous or not and faithful or not.


The truthful and the devotee should entertain no fear of the female. They worship and see in them Jagathīsvarī. Like the son paying homage to his mother, one should pay homage to a woman. Do not look at a woman with libidinous eyes.
RKP once told Swami Vivekananda, “If you pine for divine grace, hold on to Devi, who performs the acts of Creation, Maintenance, Destruction in an efficient manner.” If she is benevolent, you can live in heaven. If she casts no eye of grace on you, we will not live in this world with ease and comfort. He praised each woman bore Devi’s form.  If you follow RKP’s spiritual instructions, we will have no problem with anyone.

K. Sindoori