Dear Acharya, Sri U. Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy: Greetings.

Please help me with this difficult dilemma, I have with the following question.

Srivaishnavism says that Chit (We the people) form the body of Isvara (the Prime Mover and Shaker of Chit and Achit). That being so, there are good Chits, bad Chits, and indifferent Chits, that form the body of Isvara. Does that mean that the body of Isvara is not all pure because of the bad Chits along with others form the body of Isvara? Srivaishnavism claims Bhagavan and His co-residents of Vaikuntam (Sri, Bhu, Nila, Nityasuris....) are made of Suddha Sattvam (Empyreal Aprakritic pure substance). How can one reconcile with these apparently contradictory factors: Bad Jivas forming the body of Isvara and Bhagavan made of Suddha Sattvam? I recognize that Vaikunta Chits are liberated, purified by wading through Vraja River and a lake and assume the form of Bhagavan. That being so, how come that His body is made of bad Chit. 

I seek your divine knowledge to find an answer for this apparently incongruous situations. This is the web site I maintain for more than 12 years and often quote the Acharya on sticky questions.