November 13, 2012.

Paul Ryan tried washing clean dishes to win the elections; it did not help. Seniors like me amounted to 56% of support for Romney-Ryan Ticket. I did not vote for the R-R ticket: I like to think I am farsighted.  Why others voted for them is a mystery. It could be a case of See-Near [;)] situation meaning they were temporarily myopic in their  perspective. They did not realize that R-R wanted to take Social Security and Medicare to the slaughterhouse

13. Paul Ryan: ‘Surprised’ by Loss Cheat Sheet Nov 13, 2012

We all know it wasn’t those workout photos. In his first interview since Election Day, GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan said on Monday that he and Mitt Romney were “surprised” by the loss—but Ryan insisted that his stance on Medicare and budget cuts hadn’t cost them. Although Democrats had once vowed to make Ryan’s hard-line stance on Medicare and budget cuts a serious campaign issue, exit polls showed that Romney-Ryan won seniors 56 percent to 44 percent. Although Ryan conceded that “losing never feels good,” he said he is “very fortunate to have had this experience.” Practice for 2016, maybe?