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It is party time now where the headless chickens, the cows (beef), the pigs (pork), the goats (meat) are all dressed up well for the occasion and the invited ladies are in varying degrees of undress esp. when the partyers pair off.


June 13, 2010.

Nikki Haley is the SC-born daughter of a Sikh family hailing from India. She is running for Governor. June 2010

State Senator Jake Knotts on Nikki Haley, South Carolina-born daughter from a Sikh Family: 'We have already got a rag head in the White House; we don't need another rag head in the governor's mansion.'

State Senator Knotts said, "I still believe Ms. Haley is pretending to be someone she is not, much as Obama did, but I do apologize to both for an unintended slur."


June 12, 2010: Window shopping: (the smart way to shop. Not a way to boost the economy.)

Look, when I go to the mall, I go as a lamb among wolves, and remain as shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove. The concierge stands at the shop entrance waiting to greet me and take me to the cleaners. I carry neither a purse, nor a wallet, nor cash, nor a checkbook, nor a credit card, nor a debit card. I don't enter a shop. I greet no one. I carry my own food and water. The mall is my refuge from the heat, the cold and other inclement elements. I am a hitchhiker. I ask my friends, relatives and other willing hitchhikees to drop me at and pick me up from the mall.

May 29, 2010: The present going rate for a NitPicker is $300.00 per head. You can rent a monkey to do the same thing more thoroughly for as little as a banana.


Nov 30,2009

I weigh 350 pounds, my body looks like a gigantic potato tuber and my four limbs look like sprouts from the eyes in the tuber. My wife calls me a couch potato.

Energy Crunch hits Christmas Season.

This year, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is fitted with nine long-lasting LEDs to conserve energy.

Heard on TV from a person suffering from Chronic Leukemia:

He philosophizes as follows: Life itself is a sexually transmitted disease.

Andy Rooney of sixty seconds fame on CBS Sixty minutes says what I have been saying for years. He is getting paid for them, while I am getting ignored and called a zilch.

Nov 19, 2009

Supersensitive retiree eco-man came to a Sadhu: "Swamiji, Pranams (obeisance). I gave up eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products; indulging in sex; smoking and chewing tobacco; wearing animal skins as outerwear, animal skin shoes and belts; using curse words; chewing pan; spitting on the sidewalk; shearing and shaving and using fossil-fuel transportation. I live on vegetables only, wear cotton clothes, exercise daily, do yoga, walk as means of transportation, live in the country side breathing fresh air, meditate on Brahman, and see God in all beings and objects. Is there salvation for me?"

Guru: " You must be indigent. You are trying to take others in your fold. You have put many professions, people, and families, yours and others, out of business: the butcher, the barber, the tobacco farmer, the doctor.... God will see to it that that you are never again born in this world. People would be merry without you around."

Nov 16, 2009

I am told walking is a good exercise. It is free and there is no need to go to gym or buy gym equipment. Last time when I took this free walk in the mall, it cost me $2500.00 to buy a high-end computer with all the extended warranties and bells and whistles.

My doctor told me that I should do mental and physical exercise and eat vegetables to lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Beans and olive oil instead of red meat are good, he said. I drank olive oil by gallons and ate beans by buckets. My memory improved, but I was so bloated from beans and so leaky from olive oil that I lived in the bathroom and the ambulance medics called the piano movers to extricate me from the bathroom.

Nov 15, 2009

I eat one clove of crushed fresh garlic mixed in yogurt (butter-milk) to protect my heart but family, friends, and folks in supermarket keep a safe distance from me, which led to a cascade of stress hormones and heightened stress in me. The checkout counter clerk slips on the scented mask on my approach, as if I was suffering from H1N1. Now I am back worrying about my heart and have a pervasive garlic breath and a bad heart.

Fruits and vegetables elevate my mood but my tongue craves for processed food.

I stopped eating before bedtime to stop gaining weight. The doctor told me to keep the weight down. I kept awake all night thinking of food and suffering from gnawing hunger pains. Now that I am not getting my six hour sleep, my heart is giving out, my memory is failing and my composure has gone kaput.

I was advised changing lanes does not take me to my destination any faster. I am standing behind the 'Lane Closed Sign' with the motor running and the lights blinking, as the lane changers whizzed by.

My wife and I went to a fancy high-end luxurious hotel. My wife went out of the room to buy donuts and coffee and I was trailing her by a good 10 feet. An elderly sweet lady popped out from one of the rooms between me and my wife, accosted and demanded my wife to fetch some fresh towels for her. My wife ignored her. In her imperious tone, she admonished my wife, " You are no Sarah Palin, not even a maid in chief. Get cracking and get my fluffy towels forthwith."

Maureen Dowd has named famous people "41", "W", "Big Time".... She calls me "Bib" meaning I drool and spill while eating. My handicap is I am not famous.