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Posted Date : 06:00 (14/03/2017)
What is proper: Perform circumambulation first before Mulavar Darasan or Vice Versa?

- பா.ராஜேந்திரன், சென்னை-44   P. Rajendran, Chennai-44

1. For the one with supreme Bakthi, both procedures are acceptable. In his mind, there is no difference. All of them appear as one to him. As you said, there must be a procedural propriety for anything. Circumambulation is one of the services to the fixed deity (Mūlavar). The import is we ambulate around him. Of the 16 kinds of services to Bhagavan, circumambulation is the last item. Performing Dharsan of the Mūlavar first before circumambulation is acceptable and appropriate.

2. We can offer our worship, homage and Bakthi to the deities, as we do the circumambulation. There are temples without deities along the circumambulatory path. There are temples without circumambulatory path or court. Under those circumstances, we worship the Mūlavar and do circumambulation.

3. Instead of doing Dharsan first of the Mūlavar, going around the courtyard of the temple and entering later are preferred. It is improper to desist from worshipping the circumambulatory deities along the path. We may fear that coming to temple to offer the first worship to the central deity or Mūlavar, we defeated the purpose by offering the first homage to the deities along the pathway around the temple. Therefore, we must offer the first worship to the Mūlavar and later to other deities. This will obviate the trembling fear in us. This observance is superior.
4. Offer first prati-ṣṭhā to the Mūlavar; later to other deities. In certain temples, there may be a tradition to receive permission from a deity before obtaining Dharsan of the Mūlavar. In Tiruvilvāmalai Temple, the first Dharsan is paid to Lakshmana before worshiping Rama, according to the local tradition.

5. In temples without special requirements, rules, injunctions or tradition, offer the first homage and worship to the Mūlavar, the premier deity. It is not faux pas to offer first worship to a deity of your vow, choice or desire, before you worship others.