Manikkavasakar 8th century Tamil Poet.
Translation by G.U.Pope  1820-1908 and Dr. Kausalya Hart
Prepared by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
   Dr. Pope.  The following decad was composed at Tiru-perun-turrai, and is probably one of the first sung by our bard. It is in some respects quite unique among his compositions, and certainly has not the flowing case and rapture of some of his subsequent verses; but perhaps it reveals more of himself than any other. It was put forth, as would seem, immediately after his conversion; and is a thankful acknowledgment of the grace that has delivered him (as he now thinks) completely, and for ever, from the bonds of sensual passion.
The three things which a Caiva saint has to get free from are sensual passion, wrath, and the infatuation that regards the phenomenal as the real. Our Sage seems never to have been troubled with wrathful tendencies; and, in fact, must have been a very gentle and sweet-tempered man; but it must be remembered that at the time of his conversion he was yet in his early youth, the Prime Minister and favourite of the great Pandiyan king, the virtual ruler of that ancient realm, boasting a pure and lofty lineage, of prepossessing appearance and manner, instinct with the glow of a poet's enthusiasm; and, in fact, possessing all that the phenomenal world has to give. Remembering, too, the tone and manners of his time and people, it is not to be wondered at that this poem makes acknowledgement of a previous utter absorption in worldly enjoyments, and a habit of mental infatuation,- apparently absolute. From the first and third of the trio of evils, he had very little chance, humanly speaking, of ever becoming free. Yet the history tells us that he had previously sought for light, had consulted teachers of many systems, and had waited in darkness and in bonds for the coming of the Master Whose service should be 'perfect freedom' from sensual thraldom. This poem is his thanks giving for (what he believes to be) his final deliverance. It will be noted that he dwells with persistent monotony on one theme: he is 'free'; the time has not yet come for the analysis of his feelings; or for considering his future career. There is here an almost entire absence of mythology,- the one idea of God that he has before him is the loving Guru Whose feet have crowned the suppliant's head; even Uma, the mother, is not mentioned or alluded to; he utters no invitation to others to join him in praise; his is a gladness with which no stranger can intermediate.
The other poems, sung in the same place soon after, show him recovering from the overwhelming effect of his first glad surprise, and in them he finds it possible to dwell upon other topics.
The Tiruvacagam is a veritable Pilgrim's Progress, and surely reveals the experience of a devout and godly soul. It is possible that in this and in other of the poems, lines may have been altered and even verses added; for there is a noticeable discrepancy here and there; but internal evidence justifies us in concluding that mainly we have here the unrestrained utterances of a Caiva mystic of the eighth century. Dr. Pope
41. அற்புதப்பத்து - அனுபவமாற்றாமை
(திருப்பெருந்துறையில் அருளியது - அறுசீர்க் கழி நெடிலடி ஆசிரிய விருத்தம்  Poet Mannikkavasakar
Madurai Project
Hymn XLI.- arputha pathu THE MIRACLE-DECAD  [THE UNUTTERABLE EXPERIENCE  Dr. G.U. Pope   Shaivam.Org 41. Arpudappatthu 41. Arpudappatthu 
Translation by Dr. Kaulaya Hart     Madurai Project
   மைய லாய்இந்த மண்ணிடை வாழ்வெனும் ஆழியு ளகப்பட்டுத்
தைய லாரெனுஞ் சுழித்தலைப் பட்டுநான் தலைதடு மாறாமே
பொய்யெ லாம்விடத் திருவருள் தந்துதன் பொன்னடி யினைகாட்டி
மெய்ய னாய்வெளி காட்டிமுன் நின்றதோர் அற்புதம் விளம்பேனே.         569
I. The Truth. 
By lust bewilder'd;- in this earthly sphere 
caught in the circling sea of joyous life;-
By whirling tide of woman's charms engulf'd;- 
lest I should sink with mind perturb'd, 
He gave His sacred grace, that falseness all 
my soul might flee, and showed His golden feet ! 
The TRUTH Himself,- He stood in presence there: 
1. I loved women and, confused,
was caught in the ocean of life on this earth.
The true lord showed me his golden feet, gave me his divine grace
and removed all the illusions of the world and my troubles,
appearing before me.
How can I describe the wonder of his bright light? [569]
ஏய்ந்த மாமல ரிட்டுமுட் டாததோர் இயல்பொடும் வணங்காதே
சாந்த மார்முலைத் தையல்நல் லாரொடுந் தலைதடு மாறாகிப்
போந்து யான்துயர் புகாவணம் அருள்செய்து பொற்கழலி னைகாட்டி
வேந்த னாம்வெளியே என்முன் நின்றதோர் அற்புதம் விளம்பேனே. 570
II. The King. 
I gave no fitting gift with lavish hand 
of full-blown flowers; nor bowed with rev'rence meet. 
He grace conferr'd, lest I should tread the paths 
of grief, with mind bewildered by soft dames 
With fragrant bosoms fair. He came to save, 
and showed to me His golden jewell'd feet; 
As KING in presence manifest He stood: 
2. I did not sprinkle beautiful flowers on your feet
or worship you as all others do.
Confused, I desired women with breasts smeared with sandal paste
and wandered about without knowing what I was doing.
You came to me, gave me your grace, removed my sorrows
and showed me your feet ornamented with golden anklets.
How can I describe the wonder
when my king came and stood before me? [570]
நடித்து மண்ணிடைப் பொய்யினைப் பலசெய்து நானென தெனும்மாயக்
கடித்த வாயிலே நின்றுமுன் வினைமிகக் கழறியே திரிவேனைப்
பிடித்து முன்னின்றப் பெருமறை தேடிய அரும்பொருள் அடியேனை
அடித்த டித்துஅக் காரமுன் தீற்றிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 57
III. The Ineffable Essence. 
Busied in earth I acted many a lie; 
I spake of 'I' and 'mine,'- illusions old; 
Nor shunned what caused me pain; while sins increased 
I wandered raving. Me, that BEING RARE,- 
By the great mystic Vedas sought in vain,- 
held fast in presence there; to lowly me 
Essential sweetness was the food He gave: 
3. I am a actor on this earth and have told many lies.
My bad karma stood at the door of my house
and it made me babble and wander about.
You, the wonderful lord whom the great Vedas seek,
released me from the karma that made me suffer,
gave me your sweet grace and made me yours.
I do not know how this miracle happened. [571]
பொருந்தும் இப்பிறப் பிறப்பிவை நினையாது பொய்களே புகன்றுபோய்க்
கருங் குழலினனார் கண்களால் ஏறுண்டு கலங்கியே கிடப்பேனைத்
திருந்து சேவடிச் சிலம்பனை சிலம்பிடத் திருவொடும் அகலாத
அருந்து ணைவனாய் ஆண்டுகொண் டருளிய அற்புதம் அறியனே. 572
IV. The Helper. 
To 'birth' and 'death' that cling to man, I gave no thought; 
and uttering merest lies went on my way. 
By eyes of maids with flowing jet-black locks 
disturbed, with passion filled, I helpless lay
He came ! the anklets on His roseate feet,- 
I heard their tinkling sound; nor parts the bliss! 
In grace my precious HELPER made me His: 
4. I did not think of how birth and death happen on this earth.
I have always lied
and the eyes of dark curly-haired women have caught me
and I have been confused living on this earth.
He came with his beautiful wife,
appeared before me as the anklets sounded on his divine feet,
became my dear companion,
took me as his and gave me his grace.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [572
மாடுஞ் சுற்றமும் மற்றுள போகமும் மங்கையர் தம்மோடுங்
கூடி அங்குள குணங்களால் ஏறுண்டு குலாவிய திரிவேனை
வீடு தந்தென்றன் வெந்தொழில் வீட்டிட மென்மலர்க் கழல்காட்டி
ஆடு வித்தென தகம்புகுந் தாண்டதோர் அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 573
V. Freedom. 
I wealth and kindered and all other bliss 
enjoy'd; by tender maidens' charms was stirr'd; 
I wandered free in joyous intercourse; 
such goodly qualities it seemed were there. 
He set me free; to stay the coure of 'deeds'
my foes, He showed His foot-flowers' tender grace, 
My spirit stirred, entered within, and made me His: 
5. I enjoyed wealth, relatives, women
and all the other pleasures of this earth.
I was proud of everything around me
and wandered everywhere happily.
You removed my bad karma
showed me your beautiful lotus feet,
gave me moksha and made me dance with joy.
You entered my heart and made me yours.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [573]
வணங்கும் இப்பிறப் பிறப்பிவை நினையாது மங்கையர் தம்மோடும்
பிணைந்து வாயிதழ்ப் பொருவெள்ளத் தழுந்திநான் பித்தனாய்த் திரிவேனைக்
குணங்க ளுங்குறி களுமிலாக் குணக்கடல் கோமளத் தொடுங்கூடி
அணைந்து வந்தெனை ஆண்டுகொண் டருளிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 574
VI. The 'Sea of excellence.' 
I gave no thought to 'birth' and 'death,' that yield 
their place successive; but with maidens joined 
I sank engulfed as by a mighty flood: 
their rosy lips my death ! I madly roamed.
The SEA OF EXCELLENCE, Whom neither quality 
nor name of excellence defines,- 
He came, and tenderly embracing made me His: 
    6. I did not think of low birth or death on this earth
and only plunged into a flood of joy
from the lips of women, wandering as if I were crazy.
The lord, an ocean of grace, without qualities or desire,
came to me with his lovely wife Uma,
gave me his grace and made me his.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [574]
இப்பி றப்பினில் இணைமலர் கொய்துநான் இயல்பொடஞ் செழுத்தோதித்
தப்பி லாதுபொற் கழல்களுக் கிடாதுநான் தடமுலை யார்தங்கள்
மைப்பு லாங்கண்ணால் ஏறுண்டு கிடப்பேனை மலரடி யிணைகாட்டி
அப்பன் என்னைவந் தாண்டுகொண் டருளிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 575
VII. The Father. 
Though born a man, unfailing gifts 
I laid not at the golden feet; nor did I cull 
The cluster'd flowers, by rule and wont prescrib'd; 
nor chaunted the 'Five Letters' due. O'ercome 
By the full-bosom'd damsels' jet-black eyes 
I prostrate lay. SHowing His flow'ry feet, 
To me the FATHER came, and made me His : 
7. In this birth I have not plucked beautiful flowers
and, without missing a day, sprinkled them on the golden feet of the lord,
and I have not recited with love the five letter mantra “Om namashivaaya.”
I wasted my life, attracted to the eyes of women
with round breasts and eyes smeared with kohl.
My father, my lord, came to me, showed me his lotus feet,
gave me his grace and made me his.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [575
ஊச லாட்டுமிவ் வுடலுயி ராயின இருவினை அறுத்தென்னை
ஓசையா லுணர் வார்க்குணர் வரியவன் உணர்வுதந் தொளிவாக்கிப்
பாச மானவை பற்றறுத் துயர்ந்ததன் பரம்பொருங் கருணையால்
ஆசை தீர்த்தடி யாரடிக் கூட்டிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 576
VIII. He Whom words express not. 
He caused the 'twofold deeds' to cease, that cause 
this swing of soul with body joined. He, Whom 
'Tis hard to learn by uttered sound to know, 
gave me to know Himself: thus made me light ! 
He cut asunder bonds that clung; fulfilled
with His own mercy's gift sublime my soul's 
Desire; and joined me to His servants' feet: 
8. The lord even the shastras do not know
destroyed my body and my life that swing back and forth
and removed the fruits of my karma.
He whom no one can feel gave me feelings for him,
showed me his light, removed my desire for the earth,
showed me his divine compassion and joined me with his devotees.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [576]
பொச்சை யானஇப் பிறவியிற் கிடந்துநான் புழுத்தலை நாய்போல
இச்சை யாயின ஏழையர்க் கேசெய்தங் கிணங்கியே திரிவேனை
இச்ச கத்தரி அயனுமெட் டாததன் விரைமலர்க் கழல்காட்டி
அச்சன் என்னையும் ஆண்டுகொண் டருளிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 577
IX. The Imperishable. 
In tangled wilderness of 'birth' supine 
I lay ; like wretched cur diseased I roamed; 
Did as I lusted; dwelt with creatures vile, 
with them complying, satisfied in soul ! 
He showed me there His flowery fragrant feet, 
by Hari and by Ayan unattained; 
Th' IMPERISHABLE made ev'n me His own: 
9. I was born in this forest-like world, became rotten and wandered.
Like a dirty dog I did whatever women wanted,
agreeing to their desires and roaming behind them.
My father showed me his fragrant feet
that the great gods on the earth Thirumal and Brahma could not find,
made me his and gave me his grace.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [577]
செறியும் இப்பிறவிப் பிறப்பிவை நினையாது செறிகுழலார் செய்யுங்
கிறியுங் கீழ்மையுங் கெண்டையங் கண்களும் உன்னியே கிடப்பேனை
இறைவன் எம்பிரான் எல்லையில் லாததன் இணைமலர்க் கழல்காட்டி
அறிவு தந்தெனை ஆண்டுகொண் டருளிய அற்புதம் அறியேனே. 578
X. The Lord Supreme. 
I gave no thought to thronging 'births' and 'deaths,' 
but dwelt on tricks, and wiles, and glancing eyes 
Of maids with wealth of braided tresses fair; 
and thus I lay. The King, our LORD SUPREME, 
His jewell'd feet, that traverse all the worlds, 
to me made manifest like clustering blooms; 
He wisdom gave, and made me all His own: 
10. I did not think that there would be
future births and deaths on this earth for me.
I thought only of the crafty actions
of fish-eyed women with thick curly hair.
My god, my dear lord,
showed me his ornamented lotus feet that have no end,
gave me wisdom and made me his.
I do not know how this wonder happened. [578