Manikkavasakar 8th century Tamil Poet.
Translation by G.U.Pope  1820-1908 and Dr. Kausalya Hart
Prepared by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
51. அச்சோப் பதிகம் - அனுபவவழி அறியாமை
(தில்லையில் அருளியது)  Madurai Project. Manikkavasakar
Hymn LI.- achchop pathikam THE WONDER OF SALVATION. [ENJOYMENT INEFFABLE.] Dr. G.U.Post 51. Achoo padiham 51. Achoo padiham
Translation: Dr. Kausalya Hart    Madurai Project
This hymn was composed after he had settled down in Tillai, his active life finished, and was waiting for the great release. He surveys, as he was so fond of doing, the whole course along which his Master had guided him; acknowledges how often he had fallen through an undisciplined and unpurified mind; and records with thankfulness that grace him the victory at last. No rapture is like his! Each verse addresses his Master variously as (1) Father, (2) the Mystic Dancer, (3) the Guru, (4) the High and Lofty One, (5) the Master, (6) the Blissful, (7) again as the Guru, (8) the Author of all things, and (9) the Mother (being one with Umai). ---G.U. Pope
முத்திநெறி அறியாத மூர்க்கரொடு முயல்வேனைப்
பத்திநெறி அறிவித்துப் பழவினைகள் பாறும்வண்ணம்
சித்தமலம் அறுவித்துச் சிவமாக்கி எனைஆண்ட
அத்தனெனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 650
I. The Father's converting grace.
To me, who toiled and moiled 'mid fools, that knew not WAY of final peace,
He taught the WAY of pious love;- and that 'old deeds' might cease and flee,
Purging the foulness of my will, made me pure bliss, took for His own;-
'Twas thus the FATHER gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (4)
1. I joined with bad people who do not know
the path of moksha and followed them,
but you taught me the path of devotion
and destroyed all my bad karma.
You are my chief, and you made me Shivam—
O lord, who can receive the grace you have given me? [650]
நெறியல்லா நெறிதன்னை நெறியாக நினைவேனைச்
சிறுநெறிகள் சேராமே திருவருளே சேரும்வண்ணம்
குறியொன்றும் இல்லாத கூத்தன்தன் கூத்தையெனக்கு
அறியும்வண்ணம் அருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 651
II. The mystic Dancer converts the heretic.
A WAY that was no rightful WAY I followed, deeming it the WAY,-
That I might seek no meaner WAY, but only seek HIS sacred grace
To gain, - He, Whom no signs describe, His mystic DANCE has given to know !
'Twas thus the DANCER gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (8)
2. When I thought all bad paths are good and followed them,
you took me away from them and gave me your divine grace.
O lord, dancer who have no desire, you showed me your dance.
O lord, who can receive this grace you have given me? [651]
பொய்யெல்லாம் மெய்யென்று புணர்முலையார் போகத்தே
மையலுறக் கடவேனை மாளாமே காத்தருளித்
தையலிடங் கொண்டபிரான் தன்கழலே சேரும்வண்ணம்
ஐயன்எனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 652
III. The Teacher leads and guards in the way of truth.
Me trusting every lie as truth, - plunged in desire of women's charms,-
He guarded that I perished not with soul perturb'd,- the Lord Superne,
On whose left side the Lady dwells ! He brought me nigh His jewell'd feet,-
'Twas thus my GURU gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (12)
3. When I was intoxicated with love for women
and thought everything false was true,
you protected me and gave me your grace.
O lord who share your body with your wife,
you showed me the path of joining your ornamented feet.
O father, who can know the path that you showed me
and receive your grace? [652]
மண்ணதனிற் பிறந்தெய்த்து மாண்டுவிழக் கடவேனை
எண்ணமிலா அன்பருளி எனையாண்டிட் டென்னையுந்தன்
கண்ணவெண்ணீ றணிவித்துத் தூய்நெறியே சேரும்வண்ணம்
அண்ணல்எனக் கருளியவா றார்வபெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 653
IV. The Lofty One purifies by discipleship.
To me, - born in this clay, and doom'd, o'erworn, to perish, and to fall, -
Love inconceivable He gave;- made me His own;- caused me to wear
His own perfumed ashes white;- that I the way of purity
Should reach, the LOFTY gave me grce: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (16)
4. I was born on the earth, grew tired of living and was going to die,
but you gave me your unlimited love and made me yours so I wore white ashes,
and you showed me the faultless path of reaching you.
O father, who can know the path that you showed me
and receive your grace? [653]
பஞ்சாய அடிமடவார் கடைக்கண்ணால் இடர்ப்பட்டு
நெஞ்சாய துயர்கூர நிற்பேன்உன் அருள்பெற்றேன்
உய்ஞ்சேன்நான் உடையானே அடியேனை வருகஎன்று
அஞ்சேல்என் றருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 654
V. The Master relieved my soul of its fear.
Afflicted sore by glancing eyes of silly damsels, soft of foot,-
I stood, my mind by sorrow pierced; and then Thy grace I gain'd,- was sav'd,-
Ev'n I, O MASTER mine ! Thou bad'st Thy servant come; 'Fear not, 'Thou said'st !
'Twas thus that grace to me was given: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (20)
5. When my heart suffered because I was attracted
to the glances of beautiful women with feet soft as cotton,
you gave me your grace and saved me.
O my lord, you told me, “Come, do not be afraid!”
O father, who can know the path that you showed me
and receive that grace? [654]
வெந்துவிழும் உடற்பிறவி மெய்யென்று வினைபெருக்கிக்
கொந்துகுழல் கோல்வளையார் குவிமுலைமேல் வீழ்வேனைப்
பந்தமறுத் தெனையாண்டு பரிசறஎன் துரிசுமறுத்து
அந்தமெனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 655
VI. The Last-One saved me from sensual servitude.
Birth of this frame that burns and falls I took for true,- did many deeds;
In converse joy'd with maidens wreathed in flowers, with lustrous armlets deck'd.
My bonds He cut, made me His own, cleansed foulness so no trace was left !
'Twas thus the LAST-ONE gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (24)
6. I did not think this body would be burned in fire
or that my karma would grow so I would be reborn.
When I fell into the enjoyment of curly-headed women adorned with bracelets,
you released me and made me yours.
You removed my faults and gave me your grace to reach moksha.
O father, who can know the path that you showed me? [655]
தையலார் மையலிலே தாழ்ந்துவிழக் கடவேனைப்
பையவே கொடுபோந்து பாசமெனுந் தாழுருவி
உய்யும்நெறி காட்டுவித்திட் டோ ங்காரத் துட்பொருளை
ஐயன்எனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 656
VII. The Guru's esoteric teaching.
Prostrate it was my fate to fall in 'wilderment of fair ones' charms.
In gentle love He led me forth, loosing the prison bars of 'bond';
Showed me the way to 'scape; and taught the meaning of the mystic OM   (Omkaram)
'Twas thus the GURU gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (28)
7. When I was about to fall into intoxicated desire for women,
you released me and showed me the meaning of “Om.
O father, who can know the path that you showed me
when you gave me your grace? [656]
சாதல்பிறப் பென்னுந் தடஞ்சுழியில் தடுமாறிக்
காதலின்மிக் கணியிழையார் கலவியிலே விழுவேனை
மாதொருகூ றுடையபிரான் தன்கழலே சேரும்வண்ணம்
ஆதியெனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 657
VIII. The First saved me by gift of personal devotion.
My troubled soul was whirled around in circling tide of death and birth;
I fell, enamoured with the charms of those with jewels rare adorned;
The Lord, whose Form the Lady shares, in mercy drew me to His feet.
'Twas thus the FIRST-ONE gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (32)
8. I fall into births, dying and struggling in them.
I fall into passion for ornamented women.
O lord sharing half of your body with your wife,
give me your grace—I want to join your ornamented feet.
O father, who can know the path that you, the ancient lord, showed me? [657]
செம்மைநலம் அறியாத சிதடரொடுந் திரிவேனை
மும்மைமலம் அறுவித்து முதலாய முதல்வன்தான்
நம்மையும்ஓர் பொருளாக்கி நாய்சிவிகை ஏற்றுவித்த
அம்மையெனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 658
IX. Saves me with a Mother's love.
With those that knew not right or good,- men ignorant,- I wandered too.
The First, the Primal Lord Himself threefold pollution caus'd to cease;
Even me He took as something worth,- like dog in sumptuous litter borne !
'Twas thus the MOTHER gave me grace: O RAPTURE ! WHO SO BLEST AS I ? (36)
9. When I wandered without knowing what is good
you removed all my past, present and future faults
and became the center of my life.
I am a dog yet you thought I am important and had me sit on a throne.
O mother, father, who can know the path that you showed me? [658]
End of Tiruvasakam